SpaceWay is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing space simulation.
It's a game designed for people who enjoy strategy, relations with other people, economics... of of course science-fiction!
Colonized Planets


6 months, 1 week ago

Bug des batailles corrigé

Un bug empêchait les batailles en cours de se résoudre, depuis quelques jours.

Ce bug est désormais corrigé et toutes les batailles en cours sont automatiquement résolues, avec du retard sur leur horaire normal.

Ne vous inquiétez donc pas si vous recevez d'un coup plusieurs messages signalant des victoires ou des défaites, ils sont envoyés par le système de résolution des bataille qui a repris là où le bug l'avait arrêté.

Nous présentons nos sincères condoléances aux familles des équipages des vaisseaux de bataille qui sont morts de faim, de froid ou de privation d'oxygène à cause d'un trop long voyage dans l'espace.

11 months, 3 weeks ago

Version 1.8.10

La version 1.8.10 de SpaceWay est en ligne, avec quelques corrections de bugs et améliorations mineures. Bon jeu à tous !

1 year ago


Un redémarrage des serveurs sera effectué pour maintenance le 27 mars 2019 à 8h30 (heure de Paris). Cela devrait prendre environ 10 minutes.

Maintenance effectuée, le jeu est de nouveau disponible.

1 year ago

Certificat expiré: problème réglé

Bonjour à tous,
un problème technique a empêché le renouvellement automatique des certificats SSL protégeant la connexion entre votre ordinateur et les serveurs du jeu, ce qui a entraîné l'affichage d'un message intempestif pendant plusieurs jours, indiquant que la connexion n'est pas sécurisée. Le problème est réglé : les certificats ont été renouvelés, la connexion est à nouveau sécurisée.

1 year ago

Version 1.8.9

La version 1.8.9 est en ligne avec une correction de bug concernant les invasions.

What is it all about?

Build an Empire
But we won't tell you how!
Choose your path to glory, through economy, diplomacy or war. But beware, building an empire is not so easy, you'll have both friends and foes in the universe!
Be Who You Want To Be
And don't be who you don't want not to don't be a bee... ohh Shakespeare!
Be the Space-Lord your want to be. Pick an avatar, write your biography, publish your diary on your profile page. Will you be a peaceful diplomat or a bloodthirsty warrior?
Wide Universe
And it's growing!
SpaceWay universe is procedurally generated and it's infinite! If you're not happy in your home constellation, just build an Interstellar Cruiser and colonize a new planet somewhere else.
Build an empire wherever you want... and try to keep it! If your foes strike you with overwhelming forces and conquer all of your planets, we've got your back: there's no permanent death, you can respawn in another place.
Diplomat or Spy?
Will you do what you say?
Diplomats are expensive but powerful. They can explore the universe, steal from other diplomats or kill them, disturb planets production cycle, destroy buildings, scavenge useful objects and use them...
Economic System
A strong economy is mandatory to build a strong Empire
Planets have their own production cycle, from 12 hours to 72 hours (real-time). Some planets are better than others, choose your worlds carefully!
Trade with Others
You're not alone in the universe!
Your planets can't produce all resources at once, but they can trade with each other! Trade is an important part of the game: you can survive alone, but it's much easier with others to help. You really need resources for your empire to grow.
Copper, Iron and Oil are required to build ships.
Water and Livestock keep the people on your planets alive. If you don't provide them enough food and drink, they'll declare their independance!
Nanites and Silver are needed for planetary buildings. Without buildings, a planet can't produce resources or ships. Buildings can be destroyed by wars and diplomats, you may need to build them again to restore your production.
Gold is a rare and valuable resource. Diplomats are very fond of it.
Star Wars
The last diplomatic move... will it be open or cold war?
When diplomacy fails, war if the only option remaining. There are several kinds war in SpaceWay. You can use brute force by attacking others' planets with your war-ships. But you could also lead a cold economic or diplomatic war, that may be even more efficient if your foe's army is stronger than yours.
Complex fight system
Yes, you'll fly Battleships!
Drones, Fighters, Bombers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Battleships... each with its own streghts and weaknesses. You'll need some luck too!
Not a pay-to-win!
We don't want your money :)
This is not another pay-to-win game. We don't want your money, we just want you to enjoy the game.
There's no cash-shop, no gems, no other "real money vs. in-game currency" system.